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September 1st 2011marked the launch of the RLSS UK new and improved website. The website brought in fantastic new features to heighten RLSS UK users experience, navigation, interaction and engagement.

Within the first week of the launch we received some fantastic feedback; some of the comments include,

“More resources, more content, more interaction! More, more, more! Wonderful work guys – loving where the society is going. Slick professional looking branding.”

“Excellent – really concise and well written. I particularly like the ‘Advice and Guidance’ for volunteers, really useful practical stuff and easy to navigate. Top job”.

Here at the RLSS UK we are proud to see are communication avenues being well received! Not only that but the RLSS UK website has received 3,031,929 hits to date! Impressive stuff I’m sure you’ll agree!

But if you haven’t had the chance to explore all our wonderful features of the website here is a brief overall to help you get started, or if your already started to enhance your experience.

Firstly, we would encourage you to register your details to our website, this way you get all the added bonuses! And who doesn’t love an added bonus? On the top right hand corner of the website navigation tool bar, click on ‘Login’ or ‘FOR ENHANCED SERVICES PLEASE REGISTER AT THE RLSS UK WEBSITE’ and complete the details needed. Your details will remain confidential to RLSS UK.


Immediately you are greeted with the choice to ‘customize’ your own homepage (screen shot to show this). Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and ‘Customise your page’ appears in the left hand corner. This feature allows you to personalise your RLSS UK homepage by adding or disabling modules to suit your needs.

Screen shot: Customise your home page








If you are a registered user, these settings will be saved and remembered, therefore each time you visit the site your personalised settings will re appear. Rather snazzy concept don’t you think?


So now you’ve personalised your homepage, what next? Well there is a range of interactive features for you to get stuck into! Navigation tabs are marked horizontally at the top of the website page and when clicked on each heading, subheadings emerge. This makes navigating throughout the website that much easier, BUT if you want it even EASIER then simply use the search engine above the navigation tool bar. Type in your area of interest and all documents or content relating to this will appear.


Get Social with RLSS UK

If you hadn’t already noticed the society is utilising many social media platforms; to help members, clubs, branches and volunteers received the latest news and interact with us on a more personal level. You will find these avenues throughout the site; on the top header on the website page you will find ‘Social RLSSUK’, when hovered over a side tab will unveil with social media buttons including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. These buttons will directly lead you to our social media pages. Keeping in touch with us is now simpler than ever!

Hang on there’s MORE! When reading content on the website you can tweet, post to your pages etc, to let all your friends/family know what you’re getting up too! Or if you believe particular content would be great for a friend, you can email this over. Help us to spread our message! If you are on twitter we have created a hash tag specifically for this: #spreadourmessage. Now there is no excuse to not Tweet!

Another fantastic element which incorporates social media is our Video and Photo Libraries, located in the ‘Media Centre’. You can rate video’s, save your favorites and embed them in your own social media outlets using the built-in tools. We also have a full photo library with the same functionality as the videos! New videos and photos are regularly uploaded to keep content current.


RLSS UK is constantly updating content, therefore providing current and up-to-date information. The writing style is clear and concise, allowing users to examine information, events and more, effortlessly.


This is a completely new system designed to help you find your nearest club/branch through the magic of Google maps.These systems are located in top Navigation tab under ‘Get Involved’ ‘Lifesaving’ and ‘Lifeguarding’ categories.

To search for your nearest club or branch simply enter your post code, set your radius and choose either ‘Branch/Club’ or ‘Branch’ or ‘Club’ and then search. All your nearest clubs/branches will appear. Click on your preferred branch or club and this will become visible on your map. Not only will branch/club details be provided but driving instructions too.

If you would rather search for a particular course then ‘Find a Course’ enables users to search for their preferred course type, with 930 courses currently available. Choose your course type, enter your post code (first part only) to determine your region, choose your radius. All clubs and branches teaching your chosen course will emerge on the map. Becoming involved with RLSS UK is now even more straightforward!


Now I must admit this is a very brief overview of the website, but if I was to talk about every single new feature I would be writing a manual! But why not tell us your favourite features and the reasons why? Or tell us how you’re getting on with the new site, the more feedback you provide the better! If you have any thoughts or ideas that you feel would benefit the new website please get in touch at

If you would like to write your own blog about the new website experience or any other topic, please get in touch with and you could appear on RLSS UK blogs!

Happy blogging!

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There has been some discussion this week following the Senior Team Selection announcement at the weekend. The One Team Group have taken this seriously and canvassed opinion and feedback.

At the heart of the matter appears to be a lack of clear communication leading up to and on the day about the One Team Group’s strategy to win medals and overall position, if we have not been clear we apologise.

Download document for full statement (below)

Statement regarding GB NI One Team Selection 2011 (pdf Document)

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Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for Sport and the Olympics

Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson supports Royal Life Saving Society UK’s Survive & Save Programme. See below for the Minister’s fantastic feedback provided:

“I am pleased to be able to offer my support to the RLSS UK’s new Survive & Save programme. Swimming is one of the most popular participation sports in the country providing both young and old with a great way to keep fit and healthy. It is also an invaluable life skill. Helping more people to feel safe and confident in the water, whether it is at their local pool, beach, or in open water can only help get more people into swimming. In addition, teaching participants about what to do in an emergency will develop invaluable rescue skills. I wish you every success with the development of this excellent programme.”

Here at the RLSS UK we would like to send a big thank you to MP Hugh Robertson for his support of the Survive & Save Programme! We are proud to receive such great feedback.

If you would like to add and provide your own feedback of the Survive & Save Programme then please comment and let us know!

Have you bought your Survive & Save Lifesaving Manual for Instructors? Or Survive & Save Candidate Resources from RLSS UK’s online shop? If not then click here

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