RLSS UK 26-hour CPR Marathon

Over 100 people came together from across the UK to take part in our CPR Marathon in one fun and challenging event. Our aim was to raise at least £26,000. 50% of all the money raised from this challenge will be donated to the NHS due to the amazing job they are doing, especially their support for our members, during this difficult time.

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This video shows the highlights of the amazing day: 

Case Studies

Peter and Hazel Moyes 

In a moment of isolation madness my Wife, Hazel and I, thought we may be able to run a bit and help the RLSS.

We know that all charities are struggling to cope with the difficult circumstances we face together. We both believe now, more than ever, it is important that young people are able to get help with taking safer choices and that people enjoy water safely. Our chosen charity is at the heart of these issues and we need the RLSS to continue doing their good work for another 125 years.

So, we decided to run 26.2 miles between us in 3 mile stints over two days (we had not done any training for this hence the relay).

Maya our dog, joined us for a three mile run each day in place of her normal walk. We then did all the other running on the treadmill in the safety of our home and finished with a 1.2 mile run altogether on the anniversary of the 40th London Marathon.

We have raised £371.20 plus 85.30 gift aid, £456.50 in total in 7 days

Martin Gooderson

I have held an NPLQ for many many years, so I have been aware of RLSS UK and their cause for a while. It wasn't until I became a Training Assessor (TA) that I actually started to realise how far RLSS UK extends out into the community, and how much they to do save countless lives each year. They work tirelessly to ensure people get the right training and qualifications. They develop and evolve qualifications to enable lifesavers to be the best they can and from personal experience, they are always friendly and happy to help. During this time, although staff are having to be furloughed, they have worked hard to put together training packages for lifeguards to complete and keep up-to-date while they are away from the business. They have developed ways to teach courses remotely and keep in touch with TA's to help us along the was as well. On top of all this, half the money they are raising is being donated to the amazing NHS to help what they are doing to keep us all safe and well in this uncertain time. What a great Charity.

I decided that we needed to do something that was a challenge, as most of us are not big runners, we decided to do the 26.2 in the way of a run, but split into 5k segments. 9 of us from SEARLES ran a 5k segment (individually as our daily exercise) to reach the target and we recorded it and they sent me pictures of their runs and a selfie to go with it.

We promoted what we were doing via social media and the SEARLES website.

Our suggested target was £250, however although we only had a weeks notice (was a bit last minute) I set the bar high with a £400 target.

We have currently raised £600, with £95 additional gift aid via the justgiving platform

Thank you