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To book onto this event check out the details below, the closing date is the 28 January 2019. 

Entry Information

Entry Requirements:

To check if your membership and award status are valid check on MyPage or MyApp*.

Entry Forms

Failure to pay in advance will result in disqualification, please proceed to check out first and then complete the entry form.

Blank entry form (for all clubs and individuals)

For clubs who have previously entered and would prefer entry forms containing this information (as was provided in 2018) please contact [email protected]

Please add one Club Entry (at no cost) to ensure Club is entered into the championship.

Entry Fee Payment

Entry fees can be submitted online below

(If you wish to use an alternative payment method please contact [email protected]) 

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Individual Entries

Decrease Increase £9.00

Relay Entries

Decrease Increase £19.00

Line Throw

Decrease Increase £10.00