The First Aid at Work manual, Emergency First Aid at Work manual, Paediatric First Aid manual and Emergency Paediatric First Aid manual are closely aligned to the NPLQ 8th Edition manual in terms of design and layout. The text within the First Aid manuals compliments the text that is contained within the NPLQ manual, making it straightforward for Trainers to deliver. The First Aid manuals contain new pictures that are away from the swimming pool environment and are based on workplace situations.

In addition to material for the candidate, we have created guidance and syllabus for First Aid Trainers. This is named ‘Green Stripe’ and includes syllabus and assessment guidance, candidate assessment records and course planning and record keeping information. Alongside Green Stripe a Trainers DVD has been created that includes a Master Programme (schemes of work and lesson plans) and Training slides for all of the First Aid qualifications, including the combined NPLQ/FAW.

Further candidate and training resources will be available together with the resources listed above to compliment learning and the delivery of the qualifications. Click here to find out more.