Is the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) really a suitable qualification to meet First Aid training needs?

The NPLQ delivers training in First Aid in the third section of its pool lifeguard qualification. The First Aid syllabus covered within the NPLQ is closely aligned to the syllabus that is recommended for deliver in a First Aid at Work qualification. The criterion that is not included in the NPLQ course, but is delivered in a First Aid at Work course is:

  • Additional content - splinters and chest injuries,
  • Expanded content - types of bleeding, amputation, head Injuries and unconscious casualty

Should an employer decide that, on a needs assessment basis, they wish their employers to cover the exact same syllabus as that covered on a First Aid at Work course then Trainer Assessors will be able to deliver the combined NPLQ/FAW course. The standard NPLQ course will be increased by a minimum of 2 hours and will cover the additional FAW syllabus that is listed above. On completion of a combined NPLQ/FAW the candidate will be issued with two certificates, one for the NPLQ and one for FAW.

Therefore, on a needs assessment basis, an employer may decide that the NPLQ meets their requirements for First Aid training and no further separate training course is required on First Aid.