We are very aware of the challenges that COVID-19 is still causing, and RLSS UK remains committed to supporting all of our members, qualification holders and customers throughout this period.

We understand that renewing qualifications and awards is particularly difficult at this time but, it is worth remembering, everyone will need to be qualified to get back to work as and when required over the coming weeks or months.

RLSS UK and IQL UK qualifications are extended, to support everyone through the COVID-19 outbreak. Further details are below:

Paediatric First Aid Qualifications

Paediatric First Aid (PFA) and Emergency Paediatric First Aid (EPFA) qualifications (with an expiry date between 16, March 2020 and 25, November 2020) now expire on 25, November 2020.

The Department of Education has decided to extend the validity of PFA certificates for those who have reasons associated directly with coronavirus (COVID-19), or by complying with related government advice. PFA and EPFA certificates that would otherwise expire on or after the 16, March 2020 have now been extended to 25, November 2020. For more information, please see point 7.10 here.

All Other Qualifications

All RLSS UK and IQL UK regulated and, non-regulated qualifications (except for Paediatric First Aid qualifications) with an expiry date between 16, March 2020 and 29, September 2020 have been extended and now expire on 30, September 2020.

The extension is to support qualification holders through this period of uncertainty and, is in line with the HSE statement for First Aid qualifications https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/first-aid-certificate-coronavirus.htm#non-healthcare.

We have been updating all affected qualifications and have notified all qualification holders.

Qualification holders do not need to contact us or apply for this extension. The extension will be automatically added, to all qualifications.

We are working with regulators and partners to consider additional extensions where the COVID-19 restrictions are going to last beyond the revised expiry dates; we will provide an update shortly.

Important Information

Where you or your team members are using extended qualifications to provide any form of safety cover or emergency response, RLSS UK recommends the use of competency assessments to ensure safety is maintained.