A year after its launch, over 25,000 National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) Gen 10 qualification has been awarded by over 4,500 Trainer Assessors (TAs) at 3,500 RLSS UK Approved Training Centres and Providers (ATC/Ps) across the UK, Ireland and beyond!

The reaction to the new Level 3 qualification (an industry first) has been remarkable, with UCAS adding it to their Tariff table and being eligible for 8 points and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revising their guidance within their 'Managing health and safety in swimming pools' publication to remove mention of 10:20 lifeguard scanning and replacing this with natural scan: 20 - a significant change to the qualification after extensive and ground breaking research, which has also had an impact worldwide. 

RLSS UK’s TAs have also positively embraced the improvements, with one stating: "Can't praise the changes enough, the reduction in slides allows more time for toolbox activities and general discussion, which kept the candidates engaged throughout." Martyn Ullah, Trainer Assessor, Everyone Active   
RLSS UK would like to thank everyone who has supported the delivery of NPLQ Gen 10 and helped to ensure the successful launch of this edition of the industry-leading lifeguard qualification.

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