The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is the UK’s Drowning Prevention Charity, we are passionate about growing Open Water opportunities and supporting the development of best practice. We are the UK’s leading provider of water safety education and qualifications.

Recent years have seen a huge growth in Aquaparks across the UK and Ireland. RLSS UK has been working closely with the UK Aquapark steering group since October 2017 to develop a set of industry minimum standards that will help drive high levels of safety both in operation and equipment across all Aquaparks.

The ‘Industry Approved Aquapark’ status will be awarded to Aquaparks who can demonstrate that they meet the operational and equipment standards set out within the guidance.

Operational – this will look at the safe operation of the Aquapark, ensuring the correct documents, procedures, staff and training are in place for all sessions.

Full – this will include safe operation and Aquapark equipment. There will be a requirement for all equipment to meet EN and BSI standards

To become an Industry Approved Aquapark and follow the 2 step process. 

Step 1 - Complete the application form above. 
Step 2 - Make the payment. (available once the application form is complete)