Hear from our new Youth Advisor, Nardia, on how the first meet of the new YLT team went...

The Youth Ambassadors met for the very first time at HQ! The team were connected by their common goal and got on very well together almost immediately.

 YLT at HQ around a table talking

Throughout the weekend the YLT had some great discussions and brought forward interesting ideas. They spoke with the incoming President, Debbie Hunt and CEO, Robert Gofton, which gave them some great insight into the role as well as helping to further motivate them. The team also met and was able to spend some time with James Cossons, the outgoing Youth Advisor; this allowed them to ask questions and gain a better insight into the previous YLT.

The YLT were also able to socialise and spend time together in the evening. They had great fun bowling which helped bring them closer, some even showed their competitive side!

YLT bowling

Some quotes from the YLT about the weekend:

“It was amazing, fun and really productive. I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend and loved meeting the team. It has really gotten me excited for the future!”

“Meeting everyone and having the opportunity to have social time to get to know them better. It was also being able to brainstorm with everyone and finding out we all have very similar ideas”

The YLT are passionate about increasing the reach of the RLSS UK and Youth Ambassadors via social media. The group spent some time being creative and filming content together. Check out our recent posts about World Heart Day and voting – Don't forget to vote before it closes on the 13 October!

You can follow the YLT on TikTok here: @RLSSUK

You can follow me, your Youth Advisor, on Twitter here: @Youth_RLSSUK

Another focus of the YLT was to increase applications for the ‘Youth Network’ a way to connect with a wider range of people. If this sounds like something you are interested in - please join via the link below:

Youth network - register your interest