Liverpool and District Branch held its Open Water Day on 3 September at Boundray Park Lake, near Holmes Chapel.

Ten-year-old Caitlin Dennel from Crewe Neptune Lifesaving Club tells us all about her day.

Saturday 3 September

I was woken up really early, before 7am, to get ready to go to the lake. I was very tired, and a bit of me wanted to stay in bed.

After breakfast we set off for the lake and arrived before 8am. My first job was to help Granny set up for the whole event. It was our lifesaving club’s annual open water awards and junior competition day. We had to set up a massive tent and sort out lots of equipment like ropes, bottles and poles. The tent was really hard work.

Granny then went off to test the adults and I went to take part in the Junior Competition. For the competition we had to answer questions, deal with an unconscious casualty and rescue someone from the lake. It was raining hard and I felt really cold, particularly after the rescue. I was glad that I managed to rescue them by throwing a bottle for them to hold and a rope to pull them in so I didn’t have to go above my knees.

I was really pleased to find out I had come second, a year 8 girl won, and I was given a silver medal.

It was great to have a hot shower when I got home!

By Caitlin Dennel, Crewe Neptune Lifesaving Club, aged 10.