Before doing my Pool Extraction Board (PXB) update I was initially unsure of this new equipment as it is designed to be used with only 2 people. This is a big change to our traditional methods. One of my main concerns was how secure it would be especially as it is a higher cost than the spine board. However I looked into arranging internal training for myself and my staff and arranged a training session at one of my regular training sites. I asked all my internal staff to come along as well as the assessors we use on a regular basis to make sure they were all trained and attaining the same standard with this new equipment. Prior to this I watched and completed all the online resources and I was very impressed with the amount of detail that went into. For example the resources covered areas such as a PXB competency forms and specific guidance. The practical course itself was extremely informative and fantastically well run. In short my opinion on the PXB board has now completely changed. I now consider this one of the best pieces of kit I have ever used. It is practical as it can be used by less staff which is of huge benefit to centres where resources are stretched and is a huge safety improvement. Since doing the course and running a PXB session in staff training I have heard nothing but good feedback.

To anyone who is looking at upgrading their existing equipment to improve the safety of their centre. I would highly recommend looking at the PXB.

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