Find out what it is like being a Trustee...

"Becoming a Trustee wasn’t as daunting as I thought it might be. You, our members, elected me two years ago to the RLSS UK Board of Trustees. The board’s role is to set the strategic direction of our society, using the knowledge, skills and experiences of those elected and appointed. Once the strategy is agreed upon, we monitor the progress, discuss proposals from fellow Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and make decisions that impact our society. Some decisions are simple and straightforward to make, while others require lengthy discussion, and further analysis and are not so simple. As Trustees we take into account the impact on the whole society and not only the areas in which we may be involved with. This can sometimes be very challenging given many of us are involved in different areas of lifesaving and lifeguarding.

"When I joined the Board of Trustees, there was naturally a lot to read and new processes to learn. I was supported by my fellow Trustees and the SLT to ensure I understood my legal responsibilities as a Trustee and to prepare for my first board meeting. Since becoming a Trustee, I appreciate a lot more the reasons behind how our society is run and can understand the common misconception that Trustees get involved in the operational management of the Society. Trustees do get involved in more operational matters to provide advice or a different perspective, however, the work is done by our hard-working and skilled staff team – many put in countless hours above and beyond what they are required to do.

"I am involved in our Governance sub-committee and this allows me to ensure we are meeting our legal requirements as a charity and business. I am also the Chair of the Sport Action Group which allows me to support the development of lifesaving sport within RLSS UK. Lifesaving sport was my entry point into our society when I joined the University of Bath and I still enjoy it today as much as I did 16 years ago.

"This Trustees Week my thanks go to our members, staff and fellow Trustees for all that you do for our society to allow everyone to Enjoy Water Safely!"

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