November saw the formal launch of the RLSS UK Club Development Programme. To support clubs in their own development and to meet the industry needs, RLSS UK have created the RLSS UK Club Development Programme (CDP). The programme aims to deliver free, convenient, practical resources to support clubs while they continue to run a safe, sustainable and successful operation. We pledge to support and service RLSS UK Affiliated clubs through the club development programme.

The first phase of the programme is now live; over 10% of clubs have already got involved with 40% already achieving RLSS UK Affiliated status.

The RLSS UK Club Development Programme is relevant to all clubs that deliver lifesaving and lifeguarding awards and activities. It crosses all disciplines, helping to embed good practice and to publicly identify which clubs are well-run organisation with high-quality activities. The formal launch includes the first two levels Probationary and Affiliated. Probationary is the level for new clubs or clubs new to the RLSS UK club programme. The Probationary level is mandatory for all clubs.


At this level RLSS UK Clubs are committed to engaging in some aspects of Lifesaving activity (this need not be their sole or main focus). These clubs have the basic elements in place to provide a foundation for a strong future. This is the minimum standard we will accept to become an RLSS UK club.

Clubs are free to stay at this level, but we would encourage all clubs to keep maintaining, improving and developing.

Congratulations to the following clubs who have already achieved Affiliated status:

  • Aberdeen Lifesaving Club
  • Beeslack Life Saving Club
  • Billingham Forum Lifesaving Club
  • Bishop's Waltham Community
  • Swimming
  • Chester Lifesaving Club
  • Crawley Town Life Saving Club
  • Hastings & St. Leonards Voluntary
  • Lifeguard Club
  • Horsham Life Saving Club
  • Hounslow School of Lifesaving
  • Ipswich Life Saving Club
  • North Norfolk Surf Lifesaving Club
  • North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards
  • Northwich Centurions Swimming
  • Club
  • Open Water Rescue
  • Retford and District Lifesaving Club
  • RLSS Boscombe Lifeguards
  • Salisbury Lifesaving Club
  • South Shields Volunteer Lifeguard Club
  • Survive and Save Club

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