Our pilot area is Scotland West, Scottish Eastern, Scottish Midlands and Scottish Northern. A coordinating group has been appointed and we are working to establish a new way of running and growing existing hubs across the area. The team is made up of fantastic, approachable people with expertise in their fields, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with anything for your club.


Meet the coordinating group:

Sheena Harper

Lead Coordinator

Hi, my name is Sheena Harper and I have been involved in life saving for over 50 years. I have been a member of 5 different branches and held most branch and regional positions over the years as well as some volunteer posts at a national level.
Within the pilot I am the Lead Coordinator and am looking forward to driving the pilot forwards making it a success with your help.


Murray Robb

Club Lead

I volunteer every week for my local Lifesaving Club, which I set up in Aberdeen, for the past 10+ years by delivering club sessions. My experience in lifesaving includes pool lifesaving, open water, lifesaving sport, and community education.
My role in the Coordinating Group is to support Lifesaving Clubs and Groups in continuing to deliver lifesaving activity across the area and to expand the activities that clubs can provide to their own members to increase participation within RLSS UK

Helen Clark

Membership Engagement Lead

Hi everyone, my name is Helen and I am the Membership Engagement Lead and deputy Safeguarding Lead for the Pilot area. I have been involved with RLSS UK and Ireland for the last 30 years. Professionally I am physiotherapist working in Public Health. I am a mum of two girls both of whom are involved in lifesaving in different ways. 
I have been involved in many different roles and I am looking forward to seeing how we can make the pilot a success allowing this to roll out to other areas. I look forward to working with you all.

Kelsea Murray

Volunteer Lead

Hi, my name is Kelsea. I began my journey with the charity within the leisure industry as a lifeguard, working my way up then taking on a lifesaving club, and now I am leaning into the auditing and training delivery side of the RLSS UK. After volunteering on the Youth Leadership Team as one of the RLSS UK's Youth Ambassadors I have taken on the role of Volunteer Lead for the Pilot. Another exciting opportunity within the charity and a great role to continue building our volunteer network.

Mike Murray

Safeguarding Lead

Like so many in our Society, I started by taking an award in my local club. I thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed on. Eventually I became involved in teaching Lifesaving. As the club expanded, I progressed into Lifeguarding and Sport. In parallel I found myself becoming drawn into Lifesaving at a
Branch, Regional and National level.
Most of my professional career has been focused on Guidance/Pastoral Care in Secondary Education. My role as Safeguarding Lead is to be a key local contact for informal safeguarding matters and to contribute to the business and management of the pilot Coordinating Group

Gordon Gray

Leisure Sector Engagement Lead

My name is Gordon, I have been an NTA since 1998 and have been involved in the leisure industry for over 25 years. Since 1998 I have been a Centre Coordinator for South Lanarkshire Leisure which involved making sure that the 42 Trainer/Assessors, were up-to-date with all the necessary guidelines, who in-turn made sure the 300 plus lifeguards were up-to-date with their training and current procedures. I recently
retired from this role in February of this year. 

With my role, I hope to assist the Leisure Industry with improving the relationship between themselves and RLSS UK, through establishing their needs and links to their communities.

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