Drowning Prevention Week

The public across the UK and Ireland are consuming more digital content and have increased their frequency of using digital platforms. It is estimated that around 40 per cent are using social media more than in previous months, and we have seen RLSS UK’s Facebook engagements through April 2020, jump up over 700 per cent in comparison to April 2019.

People are looking to be connected and stay positive. This presents us with a unique opportunity. Our usual methods of getting a message across during DPW has this year changed, and so we are looking to lead the water safety community and everyone associated with RLSS UK, to find a new way to engage their communities during DPW.

We are encouraging the water safety community to be proactive and post out consistent water safety messages to increase the reach of this crucial information.

It is our goal to encourage 700 people to post, to represent the approximate number of individuals that lose their life to drowning across the UK and Ireland, each and every year.

In support, we have created nine key message templates. With one overarching theme, 'personal responsibility to learn how to enjoy the water safely', built around #BeALifesaver

These are available as:

  • An A4 printable template – This option allows you to personalise, adding your own logos and photo. This gives you the opportunity to talk about your own story and brand. We are encouraging supporters to print the A4 poster and post on social media an image of you holding the poster.

Download the A4 templates

  • Phone and tablet images – These graphics can be used on a device to either post on social media an image of you holding the device, or to send to friends and family via platforms such as WhatsApp.

Download the phone and tablet images

  • Social media graphics – These graphics are available to share and use across a number of social media platforms.

Download the social media graphics

Help us with monitoring, so we can see the impact of your post and monitor the number of posts.

Download the graphics in Welsh

And an added incentive 

We are delighted that our Water Safety Partners Red Paddle and Red Rescue, have very kindly agreed to donate two Red Original products to support our campaign - a Waistbelt PFD's and a Pro Change Jackets.

Everybody that gets involved, shares the message and uses the hashtags #DPW and #BeALifesaver, and tags @RLSSUK, will  automatically be entered into the prize draw. Why not share from multiple accounts and be entered into the competition multiple times! 

Please help us with the continued education of your communities. Through this campaign, we are encouraging everybody to access our FREE, online learning packages. In your post, encourage people to visit www.rlss.org.uk so they can get a better understanding of water safety.