In a bid to ensure families know how to keep themselves and others safe, we’re encouraging schools and community groups to take advantage of the FREE downloadable water safety resources, produced for RLSS UK’s annual Drowning Prevention Week campaign.

The impact of COVID-19 has already seen emergency services additionally stretched; with beach lifeguard patrols restrained - water safety skills, and a common sense approach to being around water, has never been more important.

Help us to spread the positive message and share Drowning Prevention Week – 

We have produced resources for you to use in the classroom to help pupils to discover water safety, in a fun and engaging way.

Please note: the resources are best downloaded on a computer

Secondary Schools

We’ve prepared your essential guide for running secondary activities during Drowning Prevention Week

Secondary Schools Booklet 2020

Download additional supporting resources to make your sessions fun and enjoyable:

Coastal and Beach Water Sites 2020 (for page 11 of booklet)
Danger Hunt Cards 2020 (for page 12 of booklet)
Drowning It's Up To You - Lesson Plan
Inland Water Sites 2020 (for page 11 of booklet)
Introduction to Drowning and Cold Water 2020 (for page 11 of booklet)
Witness Report - student version 2020 (for page 13-15 of booklet)  

Download all Secondary School Resources

Primary School

We’ve prepared your essential guide for running primary activities, in the classroom, during Drowning Prevention Week

Primary School Session Plans

Download additional supporting resources to make your sessions fun and enjoyable

Beach Flag Poster and Cards
PE Lesson Plans for Water Safety
PE School Activity Cards 2020
Primary School Presentation
Primary School Sessions Plans - Dry
Primary School Sessions Plans - Wet
Primary School Video 
Spot the Dangers 2020

Download all Primary School Resources

For Parents

This is a difficult time for parents and schools, as everybody is trying their utmost to provide an uninterrupted education. As many children may still be at home, we have produced resources that are easily accessible and support parents to deliver water safety education at home.

We are encouraging you to share information with parents and guardians.

We have produced copy to help you shape your communication to parents/guardians

Letter/Newsletter Copy
Website Copy

For resources especially for parents – Click here

In addition, this year we have created resources for Pre School and SEND pupils

Pre School

Pre School - Beach Flag Cards
Pre School - PE Activity Cards 2020
Pre School Colouring Sheets
Pre School Lesson Plans
Pre School Presentation 
Safe or unsafe
Sink or Float Cards
Sink or float
Sun Safety Cards 

Download all Pre School Resources


We have been working in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust to make Drowning Prevention Week accessible to everyone.  There are a range of resources tailored to delivery for SEND pupils

Download all SEND Resources

Government advice for maintaining safe distance and protecting the public are subject to change and are different across borders. We have created a host of materials that are available to use to manage risk. Continue to follow your governments measures and only perform activities if they are safe to run.