Cornwall Fire Rescue & Community Safety Service, Falmouth Blue Watch, Devon & Cornwall Police, RLSS UK, Falmouth RNLI, the Marine Coastguard, Cornwall Search and Rescue and the Falmouth Harbour Commissioner. 


To raise public awareness of the dangers of being under the influence of alcohol when near water and to train staff to recognise the signs, encourage safer behaviour around the quay side and learn what to do in an emergency if someone enters the water. 

Target audience

Students and revellers who visit the waterfront pubs, restaurants and shops in Cornwall. 

What did it look like

Falmouth Blue Watch, Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service, in collaboration with Devon & Cornwall Police and partners, launched the Royal Life Saving Society UK’s (RLSS UK’s) Don’t Drink and Drown campaign on 6 December 2017 in Falmouth at the Custom House.  A number of activities were carried out as part of the campaign:

  • Pub, restaurant and retail staff were educated on how to respond quickly, safely and appropriately if someone falls into the water around the quay. The RNLI donated throw lines in support of the campaign for emergency use on the quay and staff received theory instruction on: how to rescue someone from drowning, how to use a throw line in a rescue situation, the effects of falling into water and CPR
  • Throw lines are now located at each of the businesses trained, situated by doors nearest exits with an accompanying instruction and training manual.
  • Practical training was administered by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service water rescue technicians, Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team and Cornwall Search & Rescue performing water rescue scenarios with live casualties in the water.
  • RLSS UK Don’t Drink and Drown information handouts distributed at every venue with advice on staying safe
  • Activity in the bars located at the waterfront and quayside displaying Don’t Drink and Drown posters on that back of all bathroom doors
  • All bar staff from each venue wore lanyards and had wristbands and T-Shirts to reiterate the messages talking to drinkers of the risks of going near water after consuming alcohol
  • Drinkers were encouraged to take selfies to further share the through social media.
  • Falmouth University displayed posters through the campus, played the Don’t Drink and Drown film and shared information on social media throughout the campaign.
  • Utilising Falmouth Community Fire Station and Corporate CFRS social media accounts to promote the campaign providing greater opportunity to communicate the safety messages to a wider audience.


  • People receiving throwline training - 34 people
  • Social media engagement –viewed by 20,622 people
  • PR – 1,298,518
  • EAV - £13,403.60