It is our ambition to ensure that every child in the UK has access to class-based water safety education in addition to encouraging practical water safety education.

There is a concerted effort across the UK and Ireland from teachers, water safety organisations, and individuals dedicated to ensuring that every child has equal access to education that gives them every opportunity to enjoy water safely.

This is a flexible opportunity and can be catered to suit your own interests. We can provide you with all of the materials and support that you need to deliver engaging and informative sessions, that will help keep the young people across your community, safe and well. The materials are well laid out, comprehensive, and easy to deliver.

Every year, in June, during Drowning Prevention Week we encourage an ambitious, coordinated effort to educate every child. June is an important time as we head into a summer that usually provides ample opportunity to engage with the water. Unfortunately, every year this does come at a price as 44% of annual accidental drowning fatalities happen between May and August. We would love your help during Drowning Prevention Week but don’t let that stop you from providing education any time of the year.

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You may be educating under your own organisation or banner, to educate every child will take many and we are happy to work with and support anybody who is providing water safety education to children. If you want a chat about how we can work together get in touch [email protected].