We have created some exciting materials for teachers (of pupils aged 3-5 years) to support enjoying water safety.

Water can provide so much joy but at the same time has the potential to cause unimaginable tragedy. Spending a short time providing a sound water safety education for the whole family can make the difference for a planned day at the beach or the park resulting in everybody enjoying their day and returning home safely.

Our free and easily accessible water safety education resources have been designed with you in mind so you can engage children of all ages in simple but lifesaving content

We’ve prepared your essential guide for running activities for 3-5 years, whether in school or pre-school.

School Assembly

School Assembly

Water Safety Education Resources for 3-5 years

Lesson Plans


Beach Flag Cards

PE Activity Cards 2023

Colouring Sheets

Safe or Unsafe

Sink or Float Cards

Sink or Float

Sun Safety Cards