The governance group has the delegated responsibility for guiding the delivery of an RLSS UK Strategy for Sport.

The strategy is being developed to deliver the RLSS UK Lifesaving Sport Participant Pathway and structured to develop our sports stars for the future. The Participant Pathway was developed from extensive research during 2016 and sets out the coaching, competition and training required, to help our athletes reach their potential.

The Group has the support of RLSS UK Trustees and input from key members of staff. Key to the success of the group are the four Strand Leads: Competitions, Officiating, Coaching & Team Management and Lifesaver Development.

Group members:

Staff: Adrian Lole, Teresa Myatt

Officiating – Sheena Harper

Grass Roots and Anti-Doping – Linda Taylor

Coaching – Stephen Ward

Competition – Ellie Prail

Board Representative – Debbie Hunt