The College of Referees are pleased to present the rules for the National Lifesaving Championship 2018.

Significant Changes:

Rule Changes

  1. The composition of Junior and Senior Pairs has been clarified (Section 2.3).
  2. The wording of the time awarded to those competitors who have their swim and tow declared invalid has been updated (Sections 2.10.1.iii, 3.7.iii and 3.7.x).
  3. The disqualifications and invalidations section has been updated (Section 2.12).
  4. The use of eyewear has been clarified (Section 3.2).
  5. Those competitors who start their race early will no longer be disqualified, instead they will have their event declared invalid (Section 3.3).
  6. Clothing and footwear may be worn during the Life Support Initiative Test. However, competitors shall not use it during the initiative. (Section 3.5.x).
  7. The rule infringements which result in an invalidation in the Line Throw have been updated (Section 3.6).
  8. The Swim and Tow shall be a non-contact tow using a tow from the Lifesaving Rescue Skills section of the latest edition of the Survive and Save Manual. (Section 3.7.i).


Organisational Changes

  1. The order of the events at this year’s final shall be as follows – Dry Initiative Test, Wet Initiative, Line Throw and Swim and Tow. Regionals have the option to alter the order of events to match the final.
  2. RHO’s are required to make sure that results of the wet and dry initiatives are displayed / posted as soon as possible following completion of the dry and wet initiative tests. This ensures competitors have fair opportunity to appeal.
  3. Team Mangers will be permitted to take the marking sheets of their competitors, once the referee has confirmed the results.
  4. A new section on Safeguarding and the roles and responsibilities of the Regional Team Manager have been added (Sections 1.7 and 1.8).

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions: National Lifesaving Championships 2018

Event Information

The National Lifesaving Championships final will take place at John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds on 3rd November 2018.


RLSS UK National Lifesaving Championships (2018)  The rules for the event shall be the “National Lifesaving Championships 2018 Edition” available for download from here. 

Acceptance of Entry

Entries will be accepted by RLSS UK provided that all entry conditions are satisfied and that each entry is correct, complete in every detail and accompanied by the entry fee.

For full details of event pre-requisites please refer to the rules for the 2018 event.



All competitors must be in a current individual category of membership by midday on the closing date. All competitors must remain in membership throughout their participation in the competition.


One Entry in One Year Only

Competitors may only enter the National Lifesaving Championships once each year. Where qualified to participate in more than one Championship category, Competitors must choose the Championship category in which they wish to be entered in that year.



Upon receipt of entry to the championship, RLSS UK or their representatives will commence arrangements to host Regional and National events.  Regardless of individual circumstances once entered there are no refunds of entry fees.

In the unlikely situation that a Regional event must be cancelled we reserve the right to re-schedule and transfer entries to a revised date. Championship entry fees paid will be refunded in full if participant withdraws either prior to the rescheduled date or within 28 days of being notified of the revised date, whichever is the sooner. After this time no refunds will be made. If the Regional event cannot be re-scheduled, championship entry fees will be refunded in full by RLSS UK. 

Receipt of a refund will constitute withdrawal from the championship.

The championship final will not be subject to refunds.

Travel and accommodation costs incurred at any event will remain the responsibility of the participant and we advise you to consider appropriate travel insurance.

Closing date

The entry deadline for the competition is 30th June 2018, entries after this date will not be accepted.