Aquaplane is the world’s first multi-use swimming aid, designed for the child's whole swimming journey from start to finish. Aquaplane is endorsed by Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers, and is the preferred swimming aid for over 100 swim schools in the UK alone!

At the start of the child’s swimming journey, Aquaplane is worn on the back with the fully adjustable elasticated straps. This enables the child to be buoyant in an upright position and to have full movement of their arms and legs.

As the child’s confidence and swimming ability increases, the Aquaplane encourages the correct body position in the water, one of the most important factors in learning to swim.

From our own feedback, we know that some children are naturally nervous when learning to swim on their back. Aquaplane’s low profile, wide shape, gives more support and confidence to the child when learning to be on their back.

When the child has enough swimming ability, the straps are removed which turns the Aquaplane into a streamlined kick-board, to improve the child’s swimming technique further.

This multi-use protected design saves on storage space for parents, swim schools and leisure providers, offering great value for money.

Aquaplane designer and director, Chris Shore said:

"We are overwhelmed to have been chosen as a water safety partner by RLSS UK! Our own philosophy at Aquaplane is to help increase the amount of children learning to swim, therefore helping to reduce the amount of drownings that sadly happen each year.

"Aquaplane’s products are designed to help children to learn the life skill of swimming, in a fun and effective manner. Which coincides with RLSS UK’s water safety education and drowning prevention campaigns.

"As Aquaplane is the key ‘learn to swim’ product in over 100 UK swim schools, we aim to help distribute water safety information to as many children, parents and swim schools as possible!

"In return, endorsement from RLSS UK, gives our end-users reassurance, that the Aquaplane products meet with the highest standards of safety and efficacy. This status will be reflected in our new packaging, launching later this year.”