We say farewell to John Barwick as he stands down as Deputy Commonwealth President and RLSS UK wishes to acknowledge his hard work and commitment to Commonwealth Lifesaving.

The process now starts for the recruitment of a new candidate to take up this demanding and challenging role.

The Royal Life Saving Society (“RLSS”) would like to invite nominations for the post of RLSS Deputy Commonwealth President (“DCP”).

Attached are the Terms of Reference for the DCP from the RLSS Structure Review Document (dated March 2013) assuming the amendments being proposed to the RLSS Charter and Bye-laws are approved. As the process for amendments to the RLSS Charter & Bye-laws is in the early stages, the successful nominee will be appointed on the basis of the existing Charter (i.e. he is appointed for an indefinite term by the RLSS President).

Nominations should be supported by the nominee’s Member Branch and the nomination form should be completed and returned to Commonwealth Headquarters [email protected].

The closing date for nominations to reach Commonwealth Headquarters is 16 April 2013.

If anyone is interested in finding out more information about this position or the work of the Commonwealth please contact Emma Harrison.