Why not take part in IQL UK’s 2019 Lifeguard Triathlon this year and find out!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how your lifeguards compare with others across the UK and Ireland. Combining theory, practical skills and speed, the competition tests the abilities of your lifeguards to the full.

Lifeguard Triathlon Competition

There are three stages which combine theory, practical skills and speed:   

  1. Theory test paper
  2. CPR
  3. Timed swims

And, there are three winners’ categories: 

  1. Best Male Lifeguard
  2. Best Female Lifeguard
  3. Best Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool will be able to enter as many lifeguards as you wish. It’s a great chance to get lifeguards working as a team, boost morale and bring out their competitive spirit as entrants will from across the UK and Ireland.


There are some great prizes to be won including Little Anne QCPR Manikin, QCPR Upgrade Kit and RLSS Direct vouchers.

Competition Entry

- Please note you will not be able to register online when paying by PO.

The competition will be taking place between  3 June - 30 September 2019.
As an accredited IQL UK swimming Pool, you can enter the competition NOW. 

The price to host a Lifeguard Triathlon is £50.00 for entry and you can enter as many lifeguards as you wish. 

*Please note a QCPR Manikin kit will be required during the competition.

If you do not have a QCPR Manikin, you can purchase the QCPR upgrade kit or a Little Anne QCPR Manikin.

Closing Date

The closing date for submitting entries is midnight on the 30 September 2019.

Click HERE to register.

If there are any questions at all, contact [email protected] or call 0300 3230 096. We look forward to seeing your lifeguards taking part in 2019.

Other opportunities for Lifeguards to test their skills at the Lifesaving Championships (Nationals).