The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is warning families across the UK to stay safe ahead of the high temperatures expected to hit parts of England over the coming weeks 

This warning from the water safety charity comes as the UK is set to expect temperatures rise over the next few weeks and see people take more opportunities to enjoy water across open water sites in the UK and Ireland, as well as at home in the garden.

Following its Drowning Prevention Week campaign, RLSS UK is urging everyone to learn the Water Safety Code though its video animation to enjoy water safely this summer. RLSS UK is reminding those spending time near water in the UK to stay vigilant and follow the Water Safety Code:

-        Stop and think

-        Stay together

-        If in danger, call 999 or 111

-        FLOAT

As we see drownings increase as the weather gets warmer, the charity, which shares its expertise in water safety, lifesaving and lifeguarding to help educate everyone to enjoy water safely, wants to encourage everyone to take care whilst in or near the water this summer. 

Matt Croxall, Charity Director at RLSS UK, said: “Tragically, as the weather gets warmer, we see an increase in the number of people that lose their lives to drowning. We want to ensure that everyone is equipped with the vital knowledge to allow them to safely enjoy being in or around the water this summer.

“As we’re officially now in summer and with temperatures climbing, each year we see a spike in accidental drownings occur in June, July and August. In 2022, 46% of the 226 accidental drownings took place within those three summer months[i].

“We are urging parents to stay vigilant in, on and around water, both at home and when spending time outdoors and to have the water safety conversation with their children. We want to avoid any tragedies and any more families going through the heartache of losing a loved one. With the right education, accidental drownings are avoidable. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.”

For free resources to provide water safety advice for families this summer

[i] The National Drowning Report UK (2023)