The pool events are now over for the National Teams, with a beach training day today we look forward the beach events. Great Britain and Northern Ireland have a particularly good few days, with two World Records and five National Records.

Zara Williams and Charlie Haynes deserve huge congratulations on their respective World Records.

Summary of Team GBR Results 

Pool Events Male Female
200m Obstacles 10th C. Haynes (2:04.41), 14th A. Lewis (2:08.57) 3rd Z. Williams (2:14.24) NR, 10th L. Nichols (2:19.83)
100m Manikin Carry with Fins 12th A. Kane (0:51.67), 18th A. Lewis (0:53.76) 11th A. Devon (0:58.68)
50m Manikin Carry 7th C. Haynes (0:30.61) NR Y WR, 22nd A. Kane (0:34.47) 1St Z. Williams (0:34.30) WR, 16th L. Nichols (0:39.15)
100m Manikin Tow with Fins 15th A. Kane (0:58.30), 16th C. Haynes (0:58.43) DNF
Rescue Medley 17th A. Kane (1:09.79), 18th A. Lewis (1:11.38) 2nd Z. Williams (1:13.67), 17th L. Nichols (1:22.50)
4 x 50m Obstacle Relay 9th, Haynes, Haynes, Kane, & Lewis (1:47.49) 7th, Williams, Devon, Wardman & Nichols (1:59.11)
4 x 25m Manikin Relay 9th Haynes, Haynes, Kane, & Lewis (1:16.32) 5th, Williams, Devon, Wardman & Nichols (1:31.59)
4 x 50m Medley Relay 11th Haynes, Haynes, Kane, & Lewis (1:40.09) 7th, Williams, Devon, Wardman & Nichols (1:47.35)
Line Throw 2nd G. Haynes & A. Kane (0:10.94) DNF
SERC Mixed Final 6th
Records Z. Williams 50m Manikin Carry Female Open World Record

C. Haynes 50m Manikin Carry Male Youth World Record (& Male Open National Record)


Z. Williams 200m Obstacles Female Open National Record

D. Amos 100m Manikin Carry with Fins Female Open Record

Williams, Devon, Wardman & Nichols Medley Relay Female Open National Record



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