Modern times don’t always allow us the time we would like to spend on the things that matter to us, and this applies equally to raising funds for the causes we care about.

Not everyone has the time to commit to organising a fundraising activity, or to train for a sponsored event, for example – but the solution could lie in utilising local grants and trusts, which can achieve good returns for a small amount of time and effort.

Before making any application, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a good grasp of what you need funding for – it sounds obvious, but being able to explain the need for your funding is half the battle!

Each application will ask for slightly different information, so do make sure you read through the application form carefully.

Many supermarkets, banks and local businesses offer grant funding to local charity projects.

Some examples to get you started are as follows:-

Asda Foundation – Asda stores run a token scheme whereby shoppers receive tokens when they go through checkout, which they can then allocate to one of three charities chosen by the store each month. For further information about how to apply for nomination, go to:

Waitrose Community Matters – Similar to the Asda, Waitrose run a monthly token scheme whereby shoppers can choose between three charities. The nominees will receive a proportion of £1,000 depending on how many tokens they receive. Details on how to apply can be found here:

Santander Community Plus – you will need to complete a short nomination form and return this to your local Santander branch. A panel of Santander employees will consider applications each month, choosing the causes they would like to support. Chosen charities can receive up to £5,000, and further details can be found here:

Lucozade ‘Yes’ Foundation – If you, or a member of your group are taking part in a particular event to raise funds or awareness for RLSS UK, you may like to consider applying for a donation from the Lucozade ‘Yes’ Foundation. To be considered, you will need to complete the online application form – and may then be in line to receive Lucozade products, and up to £500 towards your cause.

The Mars Milk Play Fund – Each month, the fund chooses a project to receive a £1,000 cash award to help with kit, travel or hire costs involved with taking part in sporting activity. To apply, visit their website:

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it – This organisation can help with providing kit to club members through their Junior Kit Fund; further information can be found online –

These are of course a small example of the grants available. If you would like further help in identifying funds available in your area, or know of any trusts which might be helpful to others, please get in touch.

You could also look at registering with one of the many grants databases, such as Funding Central – – which will guide you through the process of conducting a search based on your particular funding requirements and update you on available funding.