The GBR Lifesaving Steering Group are pleased to announce the appointment of the new Management Team, who will be looking after our representative Teams attending the 2019 European Lifesaving Championships and then Rescue 2020.

A new structure sees Sara Garner take up the position of Youth Team Manager with Ashley Mann taking on responsibility for the Management of the Open Team. As in previous year we have appointed specialists to support the Managers in the Pool and Beach competition areas. Gary Lee has been appointed as the Pool Specialist with Lloyd Rosewell taking the lead on the Beach.

It is an exciting time for GBR Lifesaving coming off the back of a tremendous set of results at Rescue 2018 and with these key appointments we are setting out our stall for continued success.

In arriving at this new structure RLSS UK and SLSGB welcome the new partnership and support from SLSA Wales who have now joined the Management Steering Group, helping to ensure the best possible support for our elite athletes.