RLSS UK’s Participation and Activity Development Manager, Elouise Greenwood talks to us about the Junior Lifesaving team in Europe.

This year was the first time that the European Masters and Juniors were held together, bringing more than 400 athletes from 17 countries to Spain.

With seven gold, six silver and six bronze medals – this is by far the most impressive performance to date.  Captain of the Junior Squad, 17-year-old Emma Henderson from Belfast led by example with two medals (gold in the Line Throw with partner Rachel Carrol and silver in the Super Lifesaver) and two National Records (Rescue Medley and Super Lifesaver).

18-year-old Charlie Haynes showed that he is a world class lifesaver, with a World record, a National Record (50m Manikin Carry) and SIX European titles and two silvers (Surf Race and Obstacles). His natural enthusiasm coupled with the hard work and effort means this teenager is the European Champion in 50m Manikin Carry, Board Rescue, Board Race, Ski Race, Ocean Relay and Ocean Man!


Charlie Haynes, James Carpenter, Nick Laws, Keland Phinnemore, Marcus Or and Mitch Mcandrew. Is this spelling right?


Emma Henderson, Rachel Carrol, Izzy Berks, Olivia Sayer, Mia Garner and Summer Whiteley.