Teenager Gemma Marsh from Sudbury has proved she is FAB and been nominated as a #Hero by Suffolk Branch Chair, David Pearsons.

Gemma Marsh, 15, recently hit the headlines by bringing her passion for lifesaving and first aid into her studies. Gemma and two of her fellow pupils designed an app called First Aid Buddy (FAB) as part of a competition at her school, Ormiston Sudbury Academy in Suffolk.

FAB is designed to be a pocket first aid assistant for children which demonstrates basic triage principles for all minor injuries in a simple, concise and easy to use format. It also includes an emergency number which will alert parents or guardians at the same time as presenting a first stage treatment synopsis.

David Pearsons, Suffolk Branch Chair, felt not only Gemma’s success in her app, but also her lifesaving commitment, should be recognised. He said: “Gemma has worked hard to gain her lifesaving awards throughout Sudbury Life Saving Club. For the past two years she has helped the running of the club, whether it be helping to collect the subs, organise an event or help on poolside. She is always willing to help.

“From my point of view, in taking Gemma through her Assistant Lifesaver Instructor course, I was particularly impressed with her relationship with her young pupils. Every member of the class was included in whatever activity was undertaken. She has successfully completed that course and cannot wait to be old enough to complete the full instructors course.

“Her willingness to learn and accept feedback was refreshing. Gemma delivers her lessons in the knowledge that our programmes will help prevent drownings. This is why I nominate Gemma as a RLSS UK hero!

”Gemma added: “Ever since I was young, lifesaving has been close to my heart. This is down to the people who have taught me for the eight years that I have attended Sudbury Life Saving Club.

“These people include my mum, who has been a great influence in my life, and also a friend, Hayley, who taught me when I was young. The reason for Hayley joining the club was that her brother had drowned in one of the local rivers.

“So, from a young age I have known about the impact that water can have and how knowing the dangers can mean the difference between life and death. This has increased my passion for teaching, the younger members of the club.

“So when I was brain storming ideas for my school app competition, my thoughts drifted around lifesaving.

“Wouldn’t it be great if young people had an app that could go to if an emergency arose and not panic? So gradually the idea built till we came up with the FAB app – First Aid Buddy.”

The app is now available in the online app store.