RLSS UK ‘partners in lifesaving’ Laerdal, recently invited Director of Commercial Operations Jo Talbot and Director of Business Services, Mike Dunn out to their headquarters in Stavanger, Norway, to see for themselves the advances in CPR technology.

Only in Norway for a couple of days, Jo and Mike were clearly pleased with what they saw:

“I was impressed at the extent of the set-up in Stavanger,” said Mike. “It’s clear they take the business of saving lives extremely seriously and share our passion and dedication for accurate and effective CPR training.”

Laerdal started life as a producer of children’s plastic toys and books, with their Anne dolls popular throughout Europe. It was their pioneering work in soft rubber that laid the groundwork for them producing one of the first resuscitation manikins, which would ultimately, change the course of the company.

Forward-wind nearly eighty years and Laerdal are at the cutting edge of CPR technology; not only empowering instructors with increasingly accurate and objective performance feedback, not just creating confident and competent community lifesavers but even adding in a gaming element, with their CPR race!

Using on-screen live performance monitoring, the new system aims to create an engaging and competitive team training experience, designed to motivate and encourage trainees to perform at their very best.

“It is incredibly reassuring to bear witness to the robust and strident development and testing Laerdal undertake,” said Jo. “Adding some fun into the mix makes for a learning experience that builds confidence for the trainee, gives accurate feedback for the instructor and keeps people coming back for more.

“Our partnership with Laerdal ensures our members and trainers benefit from the latest advances in CPR education.” 

“At the core of all our activities is our mission, helping save lives.  Our partnership with RLSS UK is a great example of how we can achieve this.  Our developments in CPR technology are only effective when applied.  We look forward to continuing to save more lives together.”  Gareth Patrickson, Managing Director, Laerdal Medical UK. 

See the race element for yourself by clicking here.