We read Michael Rosen’s letter in The Guardian this morning, with interest and were keen to share our viewpoint on his concerns:

Around 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland each year and we fully acknowledge that learning to swim, is the first defence against drowning.

Since 2016, the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) has played a key part of the government’s Swim Review Group, successfully resulting in the introduction of lifesaving skills as an integral part of all school swimming outcomes; whilst we recognise that budget cuts potentially curtail swimming and wider sports participation in schools, we feel that the introduction of lifesaving techniques to pupils is a vital addition to their education, equipping them with valuable skills not just for use within the parameters of school activities but in all walks of life.

We are an island nation, learning to swim is one of the first skills any of us should learn to keep ourselves safe. The addition of basic first aid, CPR and AED use and crucially, the confidence to use these skills, goes so much further and sets our young people on a pathway, not just towards taking care of themselves but taking care of others too.

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