The mother of tragic Alex ‘Mitch’ Mitchell will be taking part in this weekend’s Great North Swim at Lake Windermere to raise money for the Drowning Prevention Charity just days before its national Drowning Prevention Week campaign.

Sue Mitchell, from Harrogate, came into contact with the charity following the death of her son, Mitch, on April 6 2014. Mitch, 26, tragically drowned after getting into difficulties whilst swimming out into the middle of the Serpentine lake in London’s Hyde Park.

Sue, along with 14 of Mitch’s friends and family will make up team Swim for Mitch, and will be taking the plunge into the open water at Windermere Lake in his memory and to raise money for RLSS UK, the Drowning Prevention Charity. This is the first time that she and her team will be taking part in an open water event.

Sue said: “My husband Andy and I are overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received in the run up to the Great North Swim. We have so far raised nearly £4,000 for the Drowning Prevention Charity, which works tirelessly to prevent drowning in the UK.

“It is wonderful that so many people are helping to raise money in memory of our much loved son and to keep his memory alive by raising money to prevent further deaths.”

Swimming alongside Sue are: Jess Finch, Faye Hall, Sarah Brooks, Helen Day, Rose Frankiess, Jaimie Fieldhouse, Gilly Mason, Stephane Thirkill, Francesca Insley, Ben Roberts, Liam Clarkem Oscar Brooks, Sue Clarke and Jackie Ryan.

“I cannot thank Mitch’s friends enough; they have trained so hard for this. If anyone would like to come and support on the day, please feel free to come along,” Sue added.

Adrian Lole, RLSS UK Director said: “It is such great news that Mitch’s family and friends are taking part in the Great North Swim this weekend in his memory. We wish them the best of luck and thank them for raising money for drowning prevention ahead of RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week.

“We would like to thank Sue Mitchell and her family and friends for their bravery and continued support in memory of Alex.”

Adam Walker, RLSS UK Open Water Ambassador and Ocean Walker added: “It is great to see more and more people enjoying open water safely, particularly Sue, who has shown such bravery taking up this challenge following the death of her son.

“I would like to congratulate Sue and her team for raising money for such a great charity which works to make open water safe, and wish them the best of luck for the weekend.”

RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week campaign takes place from 18 to 26 June. Drowning Prevention Week aims to raise money for RLSS UK’s wider drowning prevention programmes and encourages schools, clubs, leisure centres and communities to promote water safety through events, lessons, games and activities in a bid to make people more aware of the dangers of water.

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Image – 1. (L-R) Jaimie Fieldhouse, Oscar Brooks, Jackie Ryan, Stephane Thirkill, Francesca Insley, Gilly Mason and Ben Roberts, 7 out of Mitch’s 14 friends training for the Great North Swim to swim alongside Sue Mitchell.