At the International Lifesaving Sport Commission meeting on May 22 – 24, held in Belgium, two new groups were appointed:

  1. Championships Officials Panel: This panel will be responsible for setting the criteria, managing the appointment process, reviewing the appointments, monitoring and endorsement of all appointed officials at the 2016 Lifesaving World Championships.

Members of the panel are: Dave Thompson (ILS Sport Commission Chair), Marta Cuetos (Europe region), Allen Pembroke (Africa region), Greg Allum (Asia Pacific region) Perry Smith (Americas region) and convenor – Jelle Meintsma who will remain as the main contact person.

  1. Officials Assessment Panel: This panel will assess all Referees and Technical Officials at the various championships. The Sport Commission would like to know where we can improve the officials performances and advise where necessary additional training need to occur. This assessment will also assist us in the future in terms of appointment. The panel will consist of: Don van Keimpema (Australia Surf) Convenor, Frans Kenis (Belgium) Pool and Allen Pembroke (South Africa) Ocean and Beach.

The ILS Sport Commission is calling for applications from suitable qualified and experienced Referees/ Technical Officials who wish to be considered to officiate at the various Lifesaving World Championships to be in Eindhoven (pool) and Noordwijk-aan-Zee (ocean and beach) in the Netherlands in September 2016. Details are set out in the attached documentation.

Before any appointments are made, endorsement will be obtained from the applicants Federation.

Applications should be sent to ILS Sport Commission, to arrive no later than the 1 September 2015 by:

E-mail: [email protected]

Mail: The Secretary: ILS Sport Commission, PO Box 572, Underberg 3257, South Africa

Fax: +27 (0)31 312 5612, Attention: Jelle Meintsma

Application Form and letter