RLSS Direct have taken stock of some brand-new bundles of joy, as the revolutionary QCPR baby manikins are now on sale.

Laerdal positions themselves at the cutting-edge of CPR training and with their Little Baby QCPR range, developed in conjunction with RLSS UK, trainers can

now manage candidate learning with greater efficiency. Brand new to this system is a baby’s ‘cry’ which indicates a successful blockage removal has occurred, during treatment for choking. This means trainers can finally assess for certain and in real-time, that their candidates are operating effectively.

As well as the baby ‘cry’ indicator, other benefits for candidates and trainers:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilations/cycles
  • Feedback on location of compressions
  • A performance summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion

Laerdal’s attention to detail across all their range, ensures a training experience as close to a real-life emergency as is possible to get, installing confidence in learners using new-found skills, as well as the skills themselves.

The new Little Baby QCPR also has realistic infant anatomy features like:

  • Realistic length and weight
  • Visible chest-rise on ventilations
  • See and feel the baby’s ribs
  • Limbs with realistic movement

Laerdal continue to innovate and create, in order to save lives: www.laerdal.com

Order yours here today!