Published 23 October 2015 

Almost 1,000 lifeguards from 53 facilities across the UK put their skills to the test in the UK’s biggest and most successful lifeguarding competition to date.

Run by the IQL UK, the awarding organisation of the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK), and CIMSPA, the annual Lifeguard Triathlon not only allows lifeguards to showcase their knowledge and skills, but also gives managers the opportunity to set goals to inspire staff to be the best they can be, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Guildford Spectrum was named the top facility in the UK after scoring 96 marks out of a possible 100, second place went to Horncastle Swimming Pool (93.3) with Kimberley Leisure Centre coming in third (90.4).

Craig Scott from Guildford Spectrum won the best male lifeguard category. The 22-year-old scored 98 out of 100. Second place went to Adam Frost, 20, of Knutsford Leisure Centre. Three other Spectrum lifeguards made it to the top three male and female categories: Phil Maynard, 22, came third, while Alice Gibbs, 18 and Becky Doran, 18, placed second and third in the female lifeguard category. Elizabeth Shaw, 24, from Kimberley Leisure Centre won best female lifeguard after scoring 95.5 – the highest female score ever recorded.

The Lifeguard Triathlon is based on the key principles of the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) and tests lifeguards’ CPR, rescue swim and theory skills. Assessed internally, the event allows managers to benchmark their staff with other professional pool lifeguards from across the UK.

The organisers have seen the skills of lifeguards improve throughout the competition’s 10-year history with this year’s event recording the highest ever average CPR score (30.95 out of 32) as well as the highest average total score in four years. The competition also attracted the largest number of female participants (41 per cent).

“This has been another fantastic year for the Lifeguard Triathlon with a record number of people taking part. For a decade, this competition has been successfully used by managers to motivate lifeguards to deliver to the best of their abilities, helping to raise the standards and skills of lifeguards throughout the UK,” says Ian Doherty, IQL UK’s national programme manager.


Top facility

  1. Guildford Spectrum 96.0
  2. Horncastle Swimming Pool 93.3
  3. Kimberley Leisure Centre 90.4


Individual male

  1. Craig Scott, age 22 (Guildford Spectrum) 98*
  2. Adam Frost, age 20 (Knutsford Leisure Centre) 98
  3. Phil Maynard, age 22 (Guildford Spectrum) 97

*Craig Scott won due to a higher score in the Theory section (as specified in the competition rules)


Individual female

  1. Elizabeth Shaw, age 24 (Kimberley Leisure Centre) 95.5
  2. Alice Gibbs, age 18 (Guildford Spectrum) 94*
  3. Becky Doran, age 18 (Guildford Spectrum) 94

*Alice Gibbs second place due to a higher score in the theory section (as specified in the competition rules)