26 September 2018

Do you want to help your club to increase and retain membership?

Do you want to reward club members aged 14 -24 with awards that can enhance their employability and skill development?

If so sign your club up to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme today

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is a National Operating Authority with the Duke of Edinburgh which means that participants can achieve their Physical, Skills, Volunteering and Residential section of their Duke of Edinburgh award with the RLSS UK. Whilst participants have always been able to complete elements of their awards with the charity, participants can now be awarded elements directly by RLSS UK. Many clubs are now Duke of Edinburgh centres and their members are benefiting from this life-changing award.

The Duke of Edinburgh awards are fantastic and develop participants’ persistence, confidence and commitment. They are significantly managed by the participants – they maintain, record and manage their own progress with the co-ordinator over-viewing and assessing.

Don’t hesitate, to sign your club up to this opportunity email [email protected].

Please note that clubs are not required to run an expedition, the DofE offers lots of exhibition opportunities for members to take part in. Although we encourage clubs to get out on a residential to experience the beach and open water, there are also lots of opportunities to join an external residential. The RLSS UK Camp Survive & Save – The Ultimate Beach Experience, is the perfect opportunity to get the residential elements signed off. If any club members are interested in joining Camp Survive & Save please contact [email protected].