Sunday 2 August sees the very first time RLSS UK will feature as a BBC Radio 4 appeal and we need your help to make sure we can really make the most of this exciting and unique, fundraising opportunity!

Dates and times:

BBC Radio 4
Sunday 2 August: 07.55 and 21.25 (9.55pm)
Thursday 6 August: 15.25 (3.25pm)

Voiced by Johnny Ball: TV presenter, writer, maths and science enthusiast, RLSS UK supporter and father to BBC Radio 2’s Zoe, the nationwide appeal will ask listeners to donate to our ‘Enjoy Water Safely’ campaign with two main funds-focus:

  1. To secure our continued provision of free, digital water safety resources like ‘Lifesaver Lifechanger’ and Summer Water Safety.
  2. To qualify more lifeguards. Through our client networks, we will use lifeguarding recruitment as a means to embrace diversity, inclusivity and well-being, facilitating a career in the leisure sector - improving one life with the potential to save many more. With COVID-19 impacting the employment of so many, we have a chance to do our part to support people into work.

The impact of COVID-19 on our operations, coupled with the advanced date of recording the appeal prior to its airing, has meant a more generic campaign call to action:

“With restrictions still in place due to COVID-19 and the school holidays officially underway, it was vitally important that our appeal could have an immediate impact on our work,” explains Lee Heard, RLSS UK Charity Director.

“We opted to focus on our ‘Enjoy Water Safely’ message because it means we can dedicate the funds raised to both an immediate course of action, and one for the future.

“Hopefully, this two-pronged call to action will resonate with the Radio 4 audience, assured that their donations can be utilised for short-term gains as well as longer term planning, that has a positive impact on the safety and well-being of communities going forward.”