Lifeguards trained by the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) are being given the opportunity to work in an American summer camp for a discounted price thanks to a renewed partnership between the UK’s leading water safety charity and Smaller Earth.

Every year, Smaller Earth sends thousands of young adults to work in the USA. Typically aged between 18 and 25-years-old, youngsters are employed in summer camps across the USA as part of Smaller Earth’s Camp Leaders programme, which offers an exciting way to work and travel for a season.

Lifeguards play a vital role in the summer camps and there are hundreds of positions open for RLSS UK lifeguards in America.

“These are often at the camp’s lake, where there will be a designated area for swimming, but many camps also have a swimming pool which will require a lifeguard. Almost all of the lifeguarding will be done outside, giving lifeguards the opportunity to make the most of the American summer,” says Conor Baxter, Marketing Manager at Smaller Earth.

The company recently renewed its partnership with RLSS UK after a successful first year of working with the organisation.

“We believe our commercial partnership with RLSS UK is more valuable than ever, due to their world-class training schemes that qualify lifesavers and educate the UK and Ireland to stay safe around water around the dangers of water. We offer an opportunity for their lifeguards to spend the summer in America, gaining hundreds of hours of experience by the lake, and enjoying a summer of meaningful cultural exchange,” says Bastian Weinberger, CEO of Smaller Earth.

Smaller Earth guarantees a place at a summer camp for all RLSS UK qualified lifeguards who successfully apply for the Camp Leaders programme. Strong swimmers, who are not yet qualified as a lifeguard, will often be invited to pre-camp at the camp they were hired at. They will spend one to two weeks being trained before the campers arrive. Pre-camp is often great for getting settled into camp life and being away from home for the summer.

“The training allows them to become more employable, as they have demonstrated the determination to become qualified in such an important field. After camp as a lifeguard, they will have hundreds of hours of working with children. This is brilliant if they want a career in childcare or teaching,   but also fantastic for other areas of life,” says Baxter.

“We are thrilled to support Smaller Earth and exceptionally proud that our lifeguard programmes are so well thought of. The partnership offers such amazing opportunities for young adults with a RLSS UK qualification to travel and experience new, exciting adventures,” says Jo Talbot, Commercial Director, RLSS UK.

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