We’re pleased to announce that RLSS UK Rookie Lifeguard National Festivals are here! The Festivals are a great way for young lifesavers to get together, compete against one another and motivate each other as a team and are open to clubs, schools, branches and regions.

Each Rookie Festival consists of a minimum of four events including, speed events and initiatives both wet and dry, with a maximum of six Rookies on one team, although only four can take part in one event, whilst the others cheer you on.

The Festivals have a great look and teams are encouraged to incorporate their own branding with the RLSS UK Rookie Lifeguard National Festivals brand. RLSS UK will provide all teams taking part with free downloadable posters, flyers, certificates and report templates. Not only that, RLSS UK will be offering discounted branding and sign hires and discounted medals. Your team details will also be included on the RLSS UK Festivals web page and don’t forget about social media, RLSS UK will be posting about the events, so get involved and find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and look out #RookieLifeguard #RookieFestivals for the latest updates.

If you want to get involved all you have to do is click on the event listed below and give details of every Rookie on your team and ensure your team has the following:

  • A lead Rookie Instructor
  • A date
  • A venue (with a full address) – ideally a 25metre pool
  • A list of included events (4 at least to be taken from the approved list)
  • A list of included age groups (from standard list)

Check out the Rookie Festivals that are set to take place:

Find out more about the Rookie festivals on our website.