National training provider Active Training Network has become RLSS UK’s first multi-year contract Approved Training Provider (ATP), exclusively delivering the RLSS UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ).

Approved Training Providers are a vital part of the RLSS UK network, ensuring lifesaving education and training reaches right across the country, engaging and facilitating small businesses, community groups and individuals, to access skills and the confidence to use them, in emergency situations.

Conrad Horn, Managing Director of Active Training Network explains:

“We’ve been delivering training to the leisure and hospitality industries for over a decade now and we pride ourselves on equipping people with the type of skills and training, that can not only save lives in their workplace but out in their communities too.

“Becoming RLSS UK’s very first multi-year contract ATP is a huge coup for us. This relationship, with the UK’s leading provider of lifesaving training and education, plays a significant part in enhancing our reputation as a provider of professional standard, high- quality training, wherever it may be needed.”

Jo Talbot, Director of Commercial Operations for RLSS UK added:

“An ATP is an ideal solution for people who will benefit from RLSS UK’s professional, robust vocational and non-vocational awards and training but who might not be able to attend courses at an Approved Training Centre.

“An ATP offers the added flexibility of location, group size and course provision, according to their clients’ specific needs.

“An ATP arrangement is mutually beneficial: we can service Active Training Network with a higher level of niche support, assisting them and in turn, their clients, whilst RLSS UK have the assurance of long-term stability of our qualifications and awards portfolio, being delivered consistently with take-up from an increased audience.

“Having the Active Training Network as our first contracted ATP is an exciting prospect for us and we’re looking forward to expanding our portfolio of ATP’s committed to multi-year contracts, over time.”