In 2016, we launched our revolutionary Pool Extraction Board (PXB) which we believed could transform the way swimming pool rescues are carried out. We spent almost three years reviewing models from around the world, worked with medical experts and safety equipment specialist Ferno to design what we believe is the best extraction board on the market.

Demand so far has been high, with more than 450 boards being delivered within the first six months of its launch to leisure centres across the UK and around the world, including Europe, China, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. In addition, over 1,600 RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessors have now qualified to deliver training on the PXB.

The new design creates faster rescue times, offers improved safety and has the potential to reduce the demands placed on staff. It requires just two trained users to carry out a pool rescue for deck level pools.

The result of the PXB’s design in practical terms means fewer lifeguards are drawn into a rescue, enabling them to manage the emergency, other pool users and perform key roles in a rescue situation. It can also be used in place of assisted lift and accommodate heavier or pregnant swimmers, reducing the manual handling risk of injury to a lifeguard or staff.

If you thought that you couldn’t get a board because your pool surround was too narrow then we have some great news for you. Further testing has led to a refinement of our PXB technique and those pools with narrower pool surrounds can now use the board as well. This further testing and research has enabled the distance required between the pool and wall to be reduced to 1.25m, instead of the previous 2m. Our new guidance for swimming pools with narrower surrounds will be available from the 22 May.