The open water swimming season is fast approaching, so we at RLSS UK thought now would be a great time to get the lowdown from endurance swimmer and open water swimming expert Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker!

  1. Wetsuit

Wetsuits provide lots of benefits when swimming in open water. They provide protection against the cold water, extra buoyancy and help you move through the water more quickly.

Wetsuits will be available to hire at #OpenWaterFest.

  1. Swimming Cap

You lose approximately 10 per cent of your body heat through your head so it’s essential to provide protection, as open water is significantly cooler than indoor pools. When you leave the water don’t forget to dry off your swimming cap and place a dry outdoor hat over the top to keep you warm.

Swimming caps will be provided at #OpenWaterFest.

  1. Tow float

A tow float is not an essential piece of equipment but can provide you with extra buoyancy in the water so is ideal for those of you that are new to open water swimming.

Tow floats will be available to hire at #OpenWaterFest.

  1. Footwear

It’s really important to protect the soles of your feet both before and after you get into the water. Unlike swimming pools there can be small stones or other harmful objects at open water sites. Flip flops or trainers are ideal to slip on and off and can also keep your feet warm after you get out!

  1. Dryrobe

When swimming outdoors it’s really important to maintain your body temperature. A Dryrobe helps to maintain your core body temperature whilst drying you and can also be used to get changed in! 

Other top tips for open water swimming!

  • To acclimatise your body to the water temperature, make sure you wet your face and the back of your neck before you fully submerge yourself in the water 
  • Most importantly, whether you are taking part in an open water swimming event such as #OpenWaterFest or the Great RLSS UK Wave it is important to stick to the set swimming routes and if you are swimming on your own make sure you bring someone along with you.

RLSS UK swimming caps, wetsuits and DryRobes are all available to buy from RLSS Direct here.

To watch the full video of Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker’s top tips for open water swimming head over to RLSS UK’s YouTube channel here.

To find out more about Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker visit his website here or follow him on twitter here!