Art is a very personal subject, the interpretations of a piece of art can vary from person to person and be very different to what the artists themselves were portraying. Art can portray feelings, subject matters, emotions and messages; it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

A piece of art can add character to a room, can be admired and be a way to spread a message. When we came across ‘Drowning Girl’ by Roy Lichtenstein it highlighted to us the importance of informing and educating everyone about water safety.

Every year more than 400 people lose their lives through accidental drowning and inland water accounts for 63 per cent of these deaths. Our aim is to reduce the number of drownings each year, so here are some water safety tips to ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy water safely.

When at home children and vulnerable adults are more at risk, be sure to:

  • Supervise children in the bath and empty the bath as soon as possible after use.
  • Use self closing gates, fences and locks to prevent children from gaining access to pools of water such as ponds, swimming pools and water features.

When on holiday be sure to:

  • Check the safety arrangements for any waterbased activities.
  • Check if the local pool/beach has lifeguard cover.

When at inland water sites be sure to:

  • Swim at lifeguarded lakes.
  • Wear a buoyancy aid or lifejacket for activities on the water or at the water’s edge.

Know the safe code:

  • Spot – Spot the dangers
  • Advice – Take safety Advice
  • Friend – Always go with a friend
  • Emergency – Learn what to do in an Emergency

Should you be involved in activities in, on or near the water, more water safety advice can be found on our website