"I began volunteering at our local vaccine centres in Lincolnshire. I mainly work nine-hour shifts at the Princess Royal Arena Centre in Boston, and I do a multitude of roles including advocacy, front of house and administration. Most of my time involves working the administration side of things so, I collect peoples’ details, signpost to each section of the process, attach all medical information and fill in vaccination forms. I have undertaken so much training to perform this role. We were enrolled by Age UK, under a local organisation that my swim school works with called ‘The Askefield Project’.

My swim school and ATP has been closed since mid-March, and home-schooling my three children has become the norm, so, I am really excited to be moving forward with the fight to a ‘new normal’ and am pleased to hopefully play a small role in moving us towards the right direction!

My role as an administrator means that I log everyone’s complete consent forms and give them all the information they need about the vaccine and about their second doses. It has been an absolute honour to meet people coming in for the vaccine and working alongside health care staff to deliver this service. The public has been really positive and, it’s been great to get out to meet new people after such a long time in lockdown - I’m sure they all feel exactly the same! I was also privileged enough to be offered the vaccine……. which I absolutely jumped at the chance to take!

It’s going to be a tough few months but helping every day towards achieving increased vaccination numbers is so rewarding. Our latest target hit in one day was 857 which for such a small volunteer and health team is a great achievement."

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