Expired National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) Adaption

Thank you for submitting your application, unfortunately, we have not received permission from the regulators to further extend our regulated or non-regulated qualifications that expired in December 2020, or are due to expire in May 2021.  However, in order to support you, we have provided an option to complete an NPLQ assessment and gain another NPLQ certificate.

It is important that you follow the terms below and when your assessment is submitted to RLSS UK this e-mail is included.

To regain your NPLQ you must adhere to the following:

  • Provide evidence of 10 hours of valid CPD (detail of CPD can be found here
  • Obtain a new NPLQ candidate pack (containing assessment form and candidate manual)
  • Complete an RLSS UK Lifeguard competency test prior to the assessment (if the competency test identifies the need for additional training, this must be documented and kept for audit purposes)
  • Complete questions within the NPLQ candidate manual
  • Complete a full NPLQ assessment by 30/09/2021.
  • The Trainer Assessor must record your NPLQ assessment on a new NPLQ assessment form
  • All other assessment criteria must be adhered to

This special consideration does not extend the qualification.

The qualification will still expire as per the date indicated on the certificate. This is an extension of time to allow the candidate to complete an assessment rather than a full courses and assessment.

Please note: this response will not be emailed to you so we suggest you download the response by clicking the red box at the top of this web page before closing this page.