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Nicolle Herrington - East Midlands

Recently appointed in September 2019, Nicolle is very excited to be undertaking such a valuable role for RLSS UK. She has been a member for about 10 years, having first become a lifeguard.

Over the years, Nicolle has developed the skills for and roles within, the leisure sector and through the IQL UK pathway, became a Trainer Assessor in 2018. Nicolle now delivers training across the Lincolnshire region. In the last four years, Nicolle has developed a local swim school and undertaken a more active role within the community, delivering water safety courses and lifesaving skills workshops.

As water safety and lifesaving have become such a prominent part of her life, Nicolle was keen to explore getting further involved with the Charity and successfully became an Ambassador. Nicolle felt it was a natural choice to apply for the role, as it offered her the chance to indulge her passion for spreading the water safety word, along with her own lifesaving knowledge to families, schools, sports people and those participating in activities in, on or around water.

David Browne - Ireland

David started lifesaving when he joined his local club as a teenager. Soon after taking his lifesaving awards, he began teaching with the same club and he’s still at it! David was encouraged by his Club Chair to get involved in the administration of RLSS UK and working with local committees, as well as on a national level. David later went on to become a Trainer Assessor for pool and beach lifeguards additionally advising the Society on the development of the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). David also enjoys participating in lifesaving sport, from Branch and Regional level right up to national, European and World Championships! Along the way David has been delighted to work with countless dedicated lifesavers who constantly inspire him. Perhaps most importantly, David feels fortunate to use the skills he has learned, to save lives. David believes that being involved with the Society has so many benefits to offer members and partners, he is passionate about promoting involvement with RLSS UK so that as many people as possible, can enjoy being part of the great lifesaving community.

Ken Crass - North East

Profile coming soon.

Mike Wardle - North West

Mike started his lifesaving involvement a long time ago at 14 years of age, completing his Bronze Medallion during swimming lessons at school and by his own admittance, doing it purely to get a 12-month free pass at the pool!

When a new pool opened in the area, Mike joined the lifesaving club re-took his Bronze Medallion and progressed through the remaining awards. He went on to achieve his bronze and silver cross so he could do the Distinction Award but got bitten by the open water swimming bug. Mike has also enjoyed being involved in competitions both as a competitor and judge.

In time, Mike went on to become a grade one examiner and teacher at the club and as a result, became involved at branch level as Technical Officer.

Mike subsequently passed his branch interview, going on to spend a week at Warwick University to attain his Tutor status and is still currently involved in the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) programme.

Mike has been the Chair of the Manchester & District Branch for many years and grass-roots lifesaving work, is still a passion of his.

Sheena Harper - Scotland

Sheena has been involved in lifesaving for over 40 years, initially doing a Bronze Medallion course but quickly becoming hooked on all aspects of RLSS UK and its aims. In that time, Sheena has undertaken many roles within the Society from taking meeting minutes, to going on to be a Branch Chair. Alongside that, Sheena has been a member of several national committees. Sheena’s work has always been in a voluntary capacity, valuing the importance of the work done by both volunteers and the head office team. Currently, Sheena is actively involved in lifesaving sport as an International B official, having initially got interested after instructing at a local lifesaving club. Locally, Sheena is also involved in teaching of first aid and community awards. Professionally, Sheena is a primary school teacher and she enjoys the natural links between her passion for the educational aspects of the Society’s work and sharing skills with other people.

Jill Bailey - South 

Profile coming soon.

John Stainer - South East

John decided to take up swimming and lifesaving when he and his wife had their third child, feeling it was an appropriate time to learn water safety and rescue skills and in his own words, he took to it “like a duck to water”!

John’s lifesaving career began when he joined Crawley Town Life Saving Club in 1976, he remained on the committee in various roles and is currently both the Club Welfare Officer and President. In 1982 John helped start Horsham Life Saving Club and is still a current committee member.

Over the years, John has taken the majority of the Lifesaving, Pool and Beach Lifeguarding Awards, he is a Trainer Assessor (TA) for the NPLQ, a Survive & Save Instructor, Advisor, Rookie Lifeguard and Water Smart Instructor and formerly, a National Beach Lifeguard Qualification TA.

Since 1976, John has competed in numerous local, regional, national and international lifesaving sport competitions, gaining many medals including at the European and World Championships events. He was the RLSS UK overall 60+ Masters champion for three consecutive years, before retiring due to an injury.

Staying with the world of lifesaving sport, John was an RLSS UK and GBR Manager/Coach for Commonwealth, European and World Championships events for 10 years, has been an International A Referee for both Pool and Ocean, officiating at 14 World and European Championships, as well as nearly all RLSS UK National Championships since the 1980’s.

More locally, John has been involved with the Sussex Branch for over 40 years and is their current Branch President. He has also been involved with the South East Region since 1979 and is their current Chair.

In his time with RLSS UK, John has also sat on various national committees including: Board of Trustees, national competitions, lifeguards, College of Referees and the Organising Committee for Open Water National Lifeguard Championships.

John has received national RLSS UK Honours including being awarded an Honorary Vice President in October 2019, where he was overwhelmed to be presented with such an unexpected Honour.

Trevor Mackown - South West

Trevor only joined RLSS UK in 2018 having had no previous background in lifesaving but joined up to support his partner, who is an RLSS UK employee. Soon after, the Ambassador role came up and Trevor’s application for the South West role, was successful! Trevor’s background is quite varied: he served in the Royal Corps of Signals from 1969 for 11 years, working in the defence industry after that before moving to a major international IT company, initially in a technical role Trevor then moved into a technical sales role, supporting customers with IT infrastructure projects, for over 25 years. Trevor is always happy to speak to anyone about the organisation, its aims and achievements, in any setting and has recently completed the Community Instructor training. He has also been involved in several JLS events in both Devon and Cornwall. 

Doug Thomas - Wales

Doug has been passionate about lifesaving and lifeguarding all his adult life, having lost his brother to a drowning incident in Falmouth Harbour in the summer of 1972.

Doug brings extensive lifesaving experience to the role having been a member since 1981 and an RLSS UK lifesaving Trainer Assessor since 1983, he holds the RLSS UK Distinction Award and was made an Honorary Life member in 2017. Doug currently works as a part-time lifeguard and has done for the last 33 years in South Wales, he also currently sits on the RLSS UK West Wales Branch Committee.

Career-wise, Doug has worked at the DVLA for the last 43 years and additionally works for seven other registered charities in the UK holding various roles including, Press Officer with the Morriston Hospital League of Friends, Vice Chair on a school Board of Governors and Outreach Team Leader with the Samaritans UK.

Doug is dedicated to his voluntary work, always with the hope of making a difference within his community.
Doug was granted the British Citizen Award in July 2018 for services to the South Wales community.

Alan Sutherland - West

Alan’s first experience of lifesaving was at the University of Bath, not long after an incident where his grandmother needed first aid and he didn’t know what to do. Since then, Alan has been involved in teaching lifesaving and lifeguarding awards at local clubs. Alan is an international official and Vice Convenor for Speeds events and has previously been involved in the British Universities Lifesaving Clubs’ Association (BULSCA). Alan has run international exchanges for youth members, continues to support his local Branches and regional lifesaving work and is involved with the organisation of lifesaving sport competitions. 

Already an RLSS UK Ambassador for around three years, Alan enjoys supporting other members, helping everyone to do more locally, within lifesaving. Alan feels privileged to have represented RLSS UK at local events and presented Honours to members and especially loves visiting all the clubs, within the region.

Steve Carter - West Midlands

Steve has been volunteering for RLSS UK for over 20 years, becoming a member of the Shropshire Branch in 2005 and going on to become Branch Chair in 2012, where he continues in this role today. Steve works with volunteers and those from other partner organisations, delivering water safety and drowning prevention messages at community events in the local area, all supporting the aims of the Charity and to ensure awareness of the Society’s work. Steve has been instrumental in driving RLSS UK activity in the Shropshire area forwards, leading by example in reaching out into the community to deliver RLSS UK messages and training, to help save lives. His efforts have forged positive relationships with local stakeholders, enabling the Branch to deliver lifesaving messaging to members of the public. In 2016, Steve became the Leisure Services Training Specialist and On-call Duty Officer for Safeguarding for Telford & Wrekin Council, a role that includes delivering RLSS UK First Aid courses to members of staff with Steve also now able to offer this service, on a commercial basis. His role also includes the management of the Approved Training Centre scheme. Steve holds a number of Trainer and Assessor awards for RLSS UK.

Most recently, Steve was honoured to represent RLSS UK on BBC Breakfast to speak about the Save a Baby’s Life courses.

Janet Wilson - Yorkshire

Janet has been involved with RLSS UK for over 50 years and is based in West Yorkshire but frequently involved in national and international projects, travelling whenever required. Previously, she has served as an RLSS UK Trustee, currently chairs the ILSE Education Commission and is also currently an RLSS Commonwealth Trustee. Locally, Janet has strong contacts with many other RLSS UK members and the work they are doing, as well as contacts with other organisations and water-related activities. In her role as an active National Trainer Assessor, Janet spends a lot of time promoting RLSS UK training programmes and mentoring new Trainers. Although some of Janet’s extensive work associated with her qualifications is paid employment, most of her involvement is on a voluntary basis. Water safety is her passion and whether Janet continues to hold the role of Yorkshire Ambassador or not, she will always be an ambassador for RLSS UK work.