Please note it is a mandatory requirement that ALL renewals MUST be completed PRIOR to the expiry date.

Modules you can renew

  • Level 1 Water Safety Awareness
  • Level 2 Beach
  • Level 2 River
  • Level 2 Still Water
  • Level 3 In-Water Rescue

Please note, renewal of Level 1 Module is mandatory PRIOR to renewal of Level 2 and renewal of Levels 1 and 2 are a mandatory requirement PRIOR to the renewal of Level 3

How to renew

If you would like to renew up to Level 1 and one or more Level 2 modules

You can renew via NWSMP Renewal E-packs purchased from, these include multi-choice questions. Level 2 Renewal E-packs also include a Control Measure exercise and a Risk Assessment exercise. Once the question papers have been marked by the NWSMP team, candidates are notified of their results by email and an e-certificate is issued within six weeks (pass mark for each module is 80 per cent).

Please make sure your contact details are up to date.

If you would like to renew up to Level 3

Renew by attending an NWSMP Renewal Workshop, which includes:

  • 30m swim, approach and perform a non-contact tow of a conscious casualty back to shore, land casualty with assistance and provide aftercare
  • 15m swim and contact tow an unconscious casualty back to shore and provide basic life support

Click here to visit RLSS UK Course Finder to find and book onto a NWSMP Renewal Workshop

For further information, please contact the NWSMP team on 0300 323 0096 or email: [email protected]