Life Changing Event DVD

Following the worldwide success of the first ‘A Life Changing Event’ DVD, IQL UK has launched a hard-hitting sequel which is an equally powerful training resource and makes compelling viewing for managers and lifeguards.

The DVD features sobering interviews with five staff that have experienced the major trauma of being closely involved in a drowning. Although this makes difficult viewing at times it drives home the need for lifeguarding professionals to perform to the highest standards at all times. The interviews are compelling, real-life accounts of staff and management who have been through the trauma of a fatality in their pool – from rescue to inquest. Following an incident in which a child drowns, viewers are told of the full impact of what happened in the aftermath and the consequences for all those involved.

A Life Changing Event II is priced at £295 (+VAT) and is supplied with guidance notes for trainers and chapters can either be viewed from start to finish or individually over time to reinforce training requirements and standards.

In addition, the training covers a practical guide for lifeguards and managers in minimising the impact of glare and reflection on pool supervision.

The DVD trailer can be viewed below:

How to Order

The DVDs can be purchased individually, or together via RLSS Direct.