The College of Referees are pleased to present the rules for the National Lifesaving Championship 2019.

Significant Changes:

Rule Changes

  1. Section 2.10.1 iii) – A new note has been added regarding the handling of invalid events where there are less than four competitors/pairs within a category.
  2. Section 3.1 i) – A link has been added to Section 2.12 Disqualification and Invalidation.
  3. Section 3.2 i) – Information has been added to the Swimwear section regarding “modesty” swimwear and the wearing of swimwear for cultural and/or religious reasons.
  4. Section 3.2 vii) – The events in which footwear can be worn has been updated.
  5. Section 3.3 iv) – Updated to clarify when clothing is to be removed before the start of an event.
  6. Section 3.4 ix) – A new rule regarding wearing of clothing in the aquatic initiative test has been added.

Organisational Changes

  1. Page 5 – The order of events for the National Final have been added.
  2. Section 2.10.3 – The requirement for RHO’s to display / post the results of the dry and wet initiative tests following completion of the tests has been added.
  3. Section 2.10.4 – The ability of the Team Managers to collect the dry and wet initiative marking sheets of their competitors following confirmation of the Heat results by the Referee has been added

National Lifesaving Championship Rules 2019, click here to download the PDF.

If you have any technical queries about these rules, please contact the College of Referees [email protected]